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Villas da Pipa ***

Rua da Mata, 529 TIBAU DO SUL | +55 84 99 110 84 58 |

The SERHS Villas da Pipa is really special because the houses that comprise are typical of the area, they have been built and maintained taking into acount a perfect balance with nature

  • The town of Pipa is famous for its natural beaches, it is an ecologic sanctuary in the south of Natal (in northeastern Brazil) in exceptionally preserved flora and fauna

  • 22 houses built respecting environmental standards and where privacy is the absolute queen: each apartmanet has a private pool and barbecue

  • In addition to the facilities of the hotel, guests can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, horse and buggy rides tours, etc

  • Its restaurant, Vila Nova, rustic and cozy atmosphere offers a typical local cuisine in perfect harmony with the landscape



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