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Our hotels in interior regions of Catalonia

Rural Catalonia

A rich and diverse territory between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea

Amazing landscapes, history and culture, traditional cuisine... The rural Catalonia offers beautiful landscapes and a range of leisure activities plentiful and varied. In summer as in winter, you will discover a lot of places in the inland Catalonia to escape from routine, enjoy the calm and discover the heritage of each place.

SERHS Hotels manages 2 hotels distributed throughout the Catalan territory, with one rural hotel in Terra Alta, specifically in the municipality of Arnes, the other rural hotel in Sant Hilari Sacalm, in the heart of Les Guilleries and next to Montseny Natural Park.

All our establishments in inland Catalonia are designed especially for families and nature lovers, offering family rooms, connected rooms, play areas and children's menus.

La Terra Alta – Els Ports - Arnes

Located between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon, de Els Ports Natural Park is the main tourist attraction of Arnes, a small town in the region of Terra Alta.

The charm comes from its Arnes terrain, in which live mountain and plain. One can savor land from a distance from the main square, which offers the best views of the Ports. But always the best way is to enter and discover the delicious pools of crystal clear water for swimming, like the Crystal Pool.

However, lost in the mountains is not the only thing you can do when visiting this town. Arnes is considered historic heritage and preserves the original structure typical of a medieval village with remains of the fortifications and the castle. In fact, one of the most important Renaissance buildings civil Catalan is the City of Arnes.

A good time to explore Arnes is between late May and early June, when they celebrate the Festival of Honey in Arnes.

Sant Hilari Sacalm - Les Guilleries - Montseny Natural Park

Sant Hilari Sacalm is a town surrounded by trees and mountains of Montseny. A world heritage by UNESCO biosphere reserve is a mosaic of landscapes and Central Mediterranean.

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